Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Finish what you started

With the coming of Autumn, I find myself waiting for classes to start. For once in my life, I will see something through or die trying. I've finished my papers for my business and just have to send them in again. I also need to find a graphic designer to make a logo for my company. I've also been noticing a quick growth in my life regarding finances. Now, everyone who knows me knows that I like to make it rain not worrying about the drought that would follow afterwards. After balancing my checkbook for the 1st time ever, I've discovered I managed to squirrel away over $1000 somehow. Now the old me, would've immediately went & bought the leather motorcycle jacket & Louboutins I've been wishing for. The new me has placed it in a CD. Now that money is gone for 12 months & I am slightly ecstatic. Apparently instant gratification isn't instant. H-uh... Go figure.

---I do what I want

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