Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Drawing a blank...

So, I had this really witty blog thought out but I couldn't seem to type it out. I've finally finished my business plan and will start posting & packaging mid-October. I'm ridiculously happy that I didn't lose Rupert as I feared. Thanks to a really good friend, I realized that I had practically been dating him for the last 6 months & refused to acknowledge it. By refusing to acknowledge it, I was harming myself & setting myself up for failure. Thankfully, he gave me a second try. (besos, babe). So, we'll see how if goes with that. I have nothing else to say, so... Fin.

-I do what I want

"Darling Angel,
Somebody sent me you,
And I feel alright,
Can't forget how i feel tonight,
You're mine,
You're right on time."
-Just when I needed you by Roberta Flack

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