Friday, September 18, 2009

Just a Friend?

So today was just a really crummy day for me. It started & revolved around an ex of mine. He sent me a text after no contact for 8 months after a huge falling out with me & his girlfriend. So naturally I read him the riot act & waited for his response. He apologized & stated that he wished to be friends again. I told him I honestly didn't know how I felt about that & needed time to think. While at one point I did love him (or thought I did at any rate), I am still bitter about how he ended our friendship. He was, to borrow a phrase: "my very good best friend." He was the one person I turned to when things got bad or I needed to talk something out. Now when I need to turn to someone, I have Rupert. His place in my life has been replaced. I am still friends with all my exes but this one. Can I still be friends with him knowing how he abandoned me the first time? Do I even want to try to be friends? I'm not going to ruin my current relationship for an ex who now needs a friendly face. But should I try to help if I can? Confusing but my soft heart is sad.

---I do what I want

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  1. Sounds like you have a "soft" heart...and I'm so sorry that you are "sad".

    Peace and Love