Monday, September 28, 2009

With a little help from my friends...

So, I had a semi-crisis which was averted with the help of some close friends. After hashing it out & several intense journal entries, I realized I'm happy. And not just "meh, I'm ok" but "YES! I AM ALIVE!!" happy. I have a great boyfriend, my career prospects are picking up & an AMAZING support system. I will not allow people from my past to put doubt in my heart and strangle the roots I'm currently growing. To him: Our time has past & you need to get over me. You had your chance & you effed me over time & time again. When I finally move on, you try to come back. No. Not this time. The love I have for you is dead.

Moving to happier thoughts, my friends are amazing. My October is pretty much booked between birthday parties, baby showers, & traveling. It's shaping up to be pretty epic. :)

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