Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Poem

Usually I don't share my poems because I'm terrified of critism. It's the one place I retreat to when things get to tough for me. I have the urge to post this though because, well, it feels like an exorcism. So read it, absorb it, & be gentle with it.

In Love With H.I.M.

When it first started
All was young, fresh, & new
You had my heart &
I had yours
We took on the world with every breath
Our love never faltered & never
Dropped us

I only had eyes for you
Every beat of my heart was for you
Every kiss was a declaration
Every hug a celebration
My blood pumped with your strength

But like every fairy tale
We reached the end
I cried & screamed my pain to the sky
But you never stopped to listen
Yeah you did me wrong
But I inflicted hurt on you too
Give & take was all we ever were

Looking back I see where I went wrong
& where you fucked up
Even through the pain
I see the love that had grown &
Taken root
The greatest gift you gave was the ability for me
To realize that I had a whole lot of
Love to give & receive

Loving H.I.M. was a hard lesson to learn
But I stare at that diploma
& hope to get my masters.

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