Thursday, May 14, 2009

Running for the Hills

I'm ready to escape my job. Like ASAP! It's just boiling down to alot of BS, lies, & all around aggravation. The employees aren't happy, so they don't want to be productive. Frankly, I can't blame them since I've been feeling the same but for longer. I've been tossing out resumes & going on interviews but everything is running into either dead ends or spam emails. I want to say I'm feeling frustrated with the search but really I'm not. This whole situation is just forcing me to look into working for myself. I really hate the idea of having to trudge to work & work at a job where I'm not happy nor comfortable there. I just feel this is all just rushing forward into a whole new ballgame for me. Working on the business plan and have made an appointment with an accountant to go over the financial projections for startup & running costs. A favorite co-worker of mine chatted with me today & reminded me to work patiently. My usual M.O. is plot & pounce. I spend maybe about 1-2 months on an idea & then try to execute it which ends in me losing interest immediately. My new goal is to learn patience. After all, patience is a virtue...

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