Monday, November 8, 2010

Talk It Out

I will start this off by saying I'm a Gemini. (And I'm pretty sure I lost most of you here.) I'm HUGE on communication. I run my mouth a mile a minute and am damn good at it. This is not what this post is on though. This post is based on my experiences today. I've been made upset by two people I am very fond of. I won't rehash why they made me upset or the backstory of it all. Just know I'm upset but will get over it quickly.

I wanted to take this time to talk about talking. With all the social websites & blogs out there, it's very easy to forget how to talk to people in person. It's much easier (and less awkward) to just text, tweet or message someone. The problem is you lose inflection. That tweet someone thought was funny, you may take as a insult. Or the Facebook status someone wrote may seem it's directed towards you & make you feel some type of way about it.

That starts unnecessary "drama", problems, and tension. My advice is this: go talk to them if you have a problem. Let me repeat this: GO & TELL THEM!! The next time you have a problem/issue with a particular person, inform them of it.

Meet them at a neutral place (mall, coffee shop, public park) and talk. Hear them out & ask them to hear you out. Be truthful but tactful. Don't come out & curse them out. Don't screech, yell, or turn a deaf ear. Listen & digest what they say. Speak your peace.

After all is said & absorbed, if the friendship/relationship/whatever doesn't or won't work out: Walk away. Wish each other well & move on. Lingering/pining/stewing is going to do nothing for your mental health or psyche. It's going to tie you in a knot & hamper you.

Ill-wishing someone is only going to come back to you three-fold. Bashing them online only makes you look bitter, jealous & childish. It shows your insecurity & that's not a good look for anyone. So do yourself a favor: GO & TELL THEM!

---I do what I want

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