Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wants vs Needs

I did some serious soul searching and thinking and came to the conclusion about the SITUATION: I cannot marry/be with him. I sat & discussed with close friends and it just doesn't seem like a good idea. While I may WANT to be with him, my heart can't take our whirlwind relationship. We laugh, we cry, we argue, we hurt each other. I know that's how relationships are supposed to work. The thing is when you're the only one crying/arguing/pleading, it gets real old real quick. I love him without question. I probably always will love him. It's time to put him away in the past and let him stay there. Should we meet again in the future and work out our problems for good, I'd be with him without a doubt. Seeing as he hasn't changed and I've changed too much, I sincerely doubt us.

I've told him about my decision to take him out my love life. His response: "Damn your determination makes me want you more." How am I supposed to move on when that's the same cockiness that got me?! The best I can do is ignore him and take the time to take care of me.

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