Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happiness is a warm card..

Retail therapy is a time honored tradition & reasonably so. You cure what ails you and look fabulous afterwards. As a person who has had a retail addicition before and am now a recovering shopaholic, it is hard to stay on the wagon. Especially when you are on a pay week and the cash is burning a hole in your wallet. I write this as I stand in Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall with a bag full of stuff. I pat myself on the back as I didn't run through stores stuffing everything that caught my eye into a basket and raced to the checkout counter. I stand here victorious as I still hold money in my hand and the urge to buy a pair of black Steve Madden peeptoes does not make me bow to its power. I stand triumphant and proud. Now to reward myself at Mrs. Fields...

---I do what I want

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