Sunday, January 3, 2010

Brand New Heavy

Well, my loves, it's a brand new start. A lot of you have your resolutions firmly in hand and your hopes are all bright & shiny still. As you go about making 2010 "your year", I want you to keep something in mind: negativity. Negativity is a soul stealer. If someone is telling you can't do something or it's not obtainable, cut them out your life. Their negative weight is going to pull your soul down adding unnecessary weight to you. They'll drag you down just to feel justified about their miserable existence. The saying "misery loves company" is still around because it's true. A bitter person hates to see some succeed over them. Yet, they do nothing to better themselves and get stuck in the quicksand.

With that said, I wish that all of you achieve your goals this year. You can only live for you. Remember that.

---I do what I want

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