Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An Ode To Tea

I have a tea obsession. It really is should be an unhealthy one but since tea has health benefits, I've come out on top. I drink somewhere between 15-20 cups per day. Yes, some of you may think that's a tad too much but when I eventually will be able to morph like Mystique due to all the antioxidants I have consumed, your identity will be the first I will assume. Now to continue with this love affair, I have written it two poems.

A very poor haiku:

Ah Beautiful Tea
Such a great wake me up drink
Gets me out of bed

A Cinquain:

Little Leaves
Sweet, Crisp, Tasty
My daily breakfast drink

A horribly scary pic of me with my first morning cup (please note the bleary look in the eyes):

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